E-Cigarette Maintenance

Maintenance Guide

Problem:Reduced vapour,Burnt taste,Reduced life,Dark liquid leeching into cart. 
Solution:Daily Maintenance 

Starter Kit and Vape Pen Care

Basic Care

You will need a paper towel,on a daily basis,best at the end of the day,undertake the follwing maintenance regime: 
1.Blow through the battery end,with the cartridge end on the paper towel,until liquid stops coming out. 
2.Wipe the excess liquid from the cartridge end and gently wipe the inside of the tube. 
3.Blow through the cartridge end,with the battery end on the paper towel,until the liquid stops coming out. 
4.Wipe excess liquid from the battery connector and screw thread. 
5.If leaving overnight,insert a cartridge containing e-liquid and lay the atomiser on it's side.the following morning it will be ready to vape! 
6.If using straight away please read priming instructions below.

Sub Ohm Tank (Burnt Taste, Dark patches in Liquid)

This could be due to a burnt out coil or vaping at too high wattage for the coil.

1.Follow manufacturers instructions to disassemble your tank.

2.Remove existing coil and dispose of in a way that is environmentally friendly.

3.Screw your new atomiser in, reassemble the device then follow the below instructions to prime the atomiser.

How to prime an atomiser

1.Spread your preferred e-liquid onto all visible cotton on the outside of the coil(if possible add a little to the cotton on the inside only if visible)

2. Fill the tank with e-liquid close all airflow holes and draw on the mouthpiece as you would normally,taking three sharp intakes. 

3.Leave the device to stand for 1-2 minutes to ensure that the cotton is fully saturated.